Brandan’s Barbecue Rice

(with Spicy Chicken and Mashed Potatoes and Brown Gravy)

We ordered KFC the other night and Brandan got (for the first time) their BBQ Rizzo Rice, which is essentially rice with barbecue sauce in it along with spicy chicken. It was delicious! So we decided to recreate this at our own apartment. 

-Started off by making white rice. This has recently been perfected (for the most part) at the apartment, having discovered that the ratio is two cups of water for every one cup of rice. Remove from the heat early enough to let steam with a lid on! Add in a bit of butter and salt too to make it not so sticky and to add a bit of flavor.

-Add your favorite BBQ sauce directly into the pot with the white rice. We used up the last bit of KC Masterpiece Honey BBQ, and supplemented the rest with a packet of McDonald’s McNugget BBQ sauce, haha. So classy. This hint of barbecue sauce in with the plain white rice is so delicious…one might say it’s subtle and surprising. 

-The rest of the meal was comprised of frozen spicy chicken strips bought from Carrefour. These things have kick to them!

-We also made instant mashed potatoes (somewhat of a staple around here) and added McCormick’s brown gravy on top. This is another item we have regularly delivered from Mariam market, the store that specializes in imported foods. 

-Add jalepenos to the top of your serving of BBQ rice and feel free to dunk spicy chicken into mashed potatoes, mashed potatoes into rice and jalepenos into everything. You will burn you mouth and clear your sinuses.