Jalepeno Mac and Cheese

I was starting to make a 9 pm meal of Kraft Mac and Cheese when Brandan yelled “add jalepenos!” So I did. And it was really spicy. 

-Make Kraft Mac and Cheese like a normal person


-We were out of milk, so I added a bit of extra butter* and let it melt, along with the cheese powder packet.

-Added about 10 cut up jalepenos** and poured in a bit of the juice from the jar.

-Add pepper, curry powder and salt. Stir. Serve. Eat. Burn mouth.

*From the one kilo block of unsalted butter we bought at Carrefour and have used for about a month, cutting away little shards each time.

**we have a jar of jalepenos in the fridge at all times. Brandan is a major jalepeno lover, and I hated them at first, but over the last few months, I have started putting them on everything (like he does.) sandwiches, pizza, in mashed potatoes, etc. And now in mac and cheese.